Youth Council

The SAWDB Youth Council is responsible for making recommendations to the SAWDB on the many aspects of service delivery to youth including:

  • Identification of appropriate services that will better connect youth to the world of work
  • Identification of appropriate and qualified service providers and funding level recommendations
  • Development of the local strategic plan related to youth services
  • Establishment and promotion of linkages to other organizations in the region that serve youth 

The Youth Council is the one standing committee of the SAWDB that includes individuals who do not serve on the Workforce Board. 


Wayne Blue

Bob Chunta

Gail Clapper, Vice-Chair

Sharon Clapper, Chair

June Kohan

Deborah Meitrott

Dr. Dena Mobus

Karen N. Remick

Betzi White

Colleen Woodring

Cathy Harlow

Youth Council Minutes